About Us

About Us

It all started with a group of crazy friends with a passion for Halloween. We spent endless hours on constructing, decorating and designing themes for our annual house party. Although this wasn’t just a Boardman Halloween party; it rivaled that of a Hollywood production. The entire house was decorated and often reconstructed both on the inside and out. Each room was made to carry out the overall theme of the party. The development was incredible and the response was amazing! Countless friends and strangers drove by to get a glimpse of the progress being made daily. The parties came and went, but they all ended in a single night.

After weeks, months, and years of this routine, it has brought us to where we are today in sharing our experience with you and others like you to Escape with us – not just on Halloween but always! We hope you enjoy our passion as much as we do!


To provide guests with an experience like no other, challenging their skills, wit, and team work abilities to compete in a time monitored challenge.

The Experience

The escapeinline experience will test your puzzle, riddle, and clue finding abilities to complete the themed scenario you have chosen.  Our team has cleverly devised each experience to be as realistic and thought provoking as possible but still able to be solved in a predetermined amount of time.  Every participant has to work together.  You never know what clue interacts with the other to form a master clue.  There will be distractions and unexpected events that may change the direction you were headed.  The more people you have, the better your odds will be to complete the challenge.  You should leverage each other’s strengths to figure out the sequence of events that need to take place to succeed.

Do you have what it takes?  Are you up for the challenge?  Will your team set the record and make it to the top of the leader board?

Welcome to escapeinline!

If you are booking a private room please read the FAQ.