Escape Boardman Hotel
(Southern Park Mall Location)
Where teamwork unlocks success

Welcome to Escape Boardman Hotel. Use the arrow in the carousel below to choose your ESCAPE!

There are 3 physical rooms to choose from in the Physical Escape Suites. Simply click on the red button that says "book your escape" when the carousel reads Physical Escape Suites.

Ubisoft and ARVI are Virtual Reality game suites.

Professional Team Building is for corporate and team building packages.

We hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any questions please contact us with the information at the bottom of this page.

Welcome to Escape Boardman Hotel, a haunted hotel where each room tells its own story. If the walls could talk, each would tell its own unique story— some macabre, some realistically terrifying, and some just flat-out bizarre.

Upon arrival, you are escorted to your suite by one of our best bellhops where you hear, “your 60 minutes starts now”. As time ticks away, your group works together with a resounding level of teamwork to solve the clues in our unparalleled escape rooms. As the clues come together, your group can finally see the light toward the end of the tunnel and say, “we escaped!”

Do not be afraid of the dark, you must escape and tell your own story!

ESCAPE with us!

PLEASE REMEMBER: If you don’t book the entire room, the empty seats may be booked by other guests to fill the room.

Contact Us

7401 Market St Space 795A, Youngstown, OH 44512
Outside Entrance by BW3 and Sawa
(330) 707-4660

    If you are booking a private room please read the FAQ.