Professor Escape’s Potion Class

Can you Pass Wizard School?

Win a $250 Gift Card and 4-hour Limousine Ride taking the Escape
Boardman Challenge! 

The Escape Boardman Challenge runs from February 1, 2018 – March
31, 2018.

The Rules are as follows:

1. The contestants need to complete Professor Escape’s Potion Class
in the fastest amount of time while using the fewest number of clues.
2. There will be a maximum of 5 standard clues given per group doing
the Escape Boardman Challenge. There will not be any other additional
or different clues offered. 
3. There will be only one winning group. The group who completes the
room in the shortest amount of time will win. If there is a tie on timing,
then the group with the least amount of clues will win. If there is a tie
with both, then each group will do the Vampire’s Lair and compete for
the shortest time with no clues.


Are they allowed to take the challenge more than once? NO
Can people compete in more than one group? NO

Age: 11 and up
# Of Players: 4-8 people
Time: 60 minutes
Level: Difficult

Game Rules

  • Teamwork is vital
  • No electronic devices
  • No pictures or videos to be taken inside room. We will take a group picture after the game is played
  • Arrive 15 minutes early
  • The game starts on time, do not be late
  • When 60 minutes is up we will open the door
  • Please keep puzzles and clues to yourself when your experience is over. Others want to enjoy the experience
  • Escape Boardman is played at your own risk
  • The rooms are equipped with security cameras
  • Please respect the rooms and all items in the rooms
  • Only use items given to you to solve puzzles in the room
  • Escape Boardman has the right to refuse service
  • No refunds