If your group does not purchase all the spots for either room the extra spots will still be available online to be purchased. This mean you can possibly have additional people added to your group.

How much does it cost?

The Vampire’s Lair is $21.50 for under 18 years of age and $31.50 for 18 years and older. Professor Escape’s potion class is $21.50 for under 18 years of age and $31.50 for 18 years of age and older.

Is it scary?

No.  Our rooms are built to be mysterious but they are not dangerous or scary.

How long does it take?

The whole experience will take about one and half hours. Depending on the room you choose. You will have 60 minutes to solve a game.

What are your hours?

Friday and Saturday starting at 3:45pm-10pm.

How does the booking work?

You can do your booking right from our website or on Facebook. We use Bookeo.

Can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds. But we will do our best to reschedule if something comes up and you let us know in a timely manner. Escape Boardman uses their discretion on case by case basis.

I do not want other people in the room with us.  What should I do ?

If you would like not to have anyone else in the room with you the best option is for you to get a group of your own together and fill all 8 or 10 spots.

How far in advance can I book?

You can book two months in advance.

Can I purchase all the ticket for my group?

Yes.  You are able to pick the amount of people you want to pay for.

What if I am late to my session?

If you arrive late the time will need to be deducted from your time in the room. We have other guests coming after you and they also booked their time.

Can we play the room more than once?

Yes!  We will not give away the ending so you are welcome to try again if you like.

Are there a minimum number of players required?

We require 4 players for Professor Escape’s Potion Class and 4 players for the Vampire’s Lair.

Am I really locked in a room?

No. You are welcome to leave your room at any time, but once you exit your part of the game will be over.

Can I use my smart phone?

No. We do not allow the use of cell phones.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes!  They are available on our website through Bookeo.

What time should I arrive?

Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of time. We need to run on schedule because we have guests coming after you. If you are late you will have less time in your room and NO REFUNDS will be given.

Are Walk Ins allowed?

No. Since people pre-book their rooms online they are most likely already in use. The website will be up to date so feel free to look for open spots!

Will you book a private group or party outside of scheduled times?

Please call or email us and we will try and work with you!

PLEASE REMEMBER: If you don't book the entire room, the empty seats may be booked by other adults or kids to fill the room.