The Vampire’s Lair

World Report headlines state: “Vampires Killing Tourists!” Hearing of this recent vampire activity, you and your thrill seeking friends travel to Transylvania in hopes of capturing video footage. While filming at Bran Castle, you discover that some of your friends are missing. You think you know where they are! As dusk approaches, you have 60 minutes to find them and kill the vampire or your fate awaits you …

Age: 11 and up
# Of Players: 4-10 people
Time: 60 minutes
Level: Difficult

Game Rules

  • Teamwork is vital
  • No electronic devices
  • No pictures or videos to be taken inside room. We will take a group picture after the game is played
  • Arrive 15 minutes early
  • The game starts on time, do not be late
  • When 60 minutes is up we will open the door
  • Please keep puzzles and clues to yourself when your experience is over. Others want to enjoy the experience
  • Escape Boardman is played at your own risk
  • The rooms are equipped with security cameras
  • Please respect the rooms and all items in the rooms
  • Only use items given to you to solve puzzles in the room
  • Escape Boardman has the right to refuse service
  • No refunds
PLEASE REMEMBER: If you don't book the entire room, the empty seats may be booked by other adults or kids to fill the room.